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About Me


I was born in Des Moines, raised in Urbandale and Windsor Heights, and graduated from Johnston High School.

After graduating from Johnston, I attended Des Moines Area Community College, then made the journey to Iowa City to the University of Iowa and returned home to graduate from Drake University Law School. Following graduation from Drake, my future wife and I wanted to find a home to call our own and we found the perfect location on Del Matro Avenue. My grandparents had lived in Windsor Heights since before I was born and I loved the neighborhood, the trees, and the community. So, we settled here.

About the same time as moving into our home on Del Matro, I joined the State Public Defender’s Office as an attorney. Representing the indigent and fighting for those who do not have the means to fight for themselves was always important to me, so I accepted a job offer with the State of Iowa.

In 2017, I was extremely disappointed in the way the sitting Mayor and Council handled sidewalks. I saw a packed Community Events Center with people upset that they were being threatened by assessments for sidewalks that they didn’t want, they didn’t feel that they had a say in the matter and the current City Council and Mayor weren’t listening to them. I saw the same thing in many City Council Meetings. And I saw the negative news coverage. As I had spent over five years fighting for people as part of my day job, I decided to take it a step further and run for office. I ran, joined by Mike Loffredo, and we became the most popularly elected City Council members in Windsor Heights history, out of a field of nine candidates.

In 2021 I was elected by almost 66% of the vote to become Mayor of Windsor Heights.

These days, I’m still with the State of Iowa, working in the Des Moines Adult Public Defender’s Office, and still dedicated to fighting for the people of Windsor Heights.

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